Sciami | about us
Sciami | about us

About us

Sciami is a network on theater, video and performing arts, which includes:

  • Gruppo Acusma [], dedicated to sound dramaturgy, that is to music, to voices and noises that construct theatrical space as acoustic space; and also to the set of optical / sound tracks that make up the audiovisual mix, in video works and in multimedia installations.
  • New theater made in Italy [], designed as an integral part of the volume of V. Valentini, New Theater made in Italy 1963-2013, is a reasoned path of documents and reflections on some of the protagonists and the most significant shows of the period that from 1963 arrives to the present day. The site is organized in focus dedicated to an artist or a company, each of which is edited by a scholar who has collected, selected and organized video materials, reviews, critical essays, interviews, photographs, posters, sketches ..
  • Video D’Autore [], initially dedicated to the activities carried out as part of the Taormina Arte video auteur review. Along this path, there will be a section dedicated to the archives of video art in Italy (a survey of archives and public and private audiovisual funds, aimed at developing national research projects and partnerships in European programs).

To these three research paths we add Sciami | ricerca [], a six-monthly webzine (ISSN code 2532-3830), published in Italian and English. The magazine examines the three areas on the site, in their interdependence and specificity: vocality and sound, electronic and digital arts, performing arts.


Logo Sciami|networkEDITOR: Valentina Valentini
PROJECT MANAGER: Stefano Scipioni
SCIENTIFIC COUNCIL: Alessandra Donati, Giovanni Iorio Giannoli, Annalisa Sacchi

Logo Sciami|ricercheSCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE: Francesco Fiorentino, Helga Finter, Carlo Martino, Pietro Montani, Cosetta Saba, Annalisa Sacchi, Valentina Valentini.
COMITATO EDITORIALE: Guido Bartorelli, Donata Chiricò, Massimo Fusillo, Francesca Gallo, Giovanni Iorio Giannoli, Thomas Haskell Simpson, Didier Plassard, Emanuele Senici, Carlo Serra, Francesco Spampinato.

Logo Sciami|gruppoacusmaSCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE: Piersandra Di Matteo, Carlo Serra, Valentina Valentini

Logo Sciami|videod'autoreSCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE: Jean-Paul Fargier, Cosetta Saba, Valentina Valentini

Logo Sciami|nuovoteatromadeinitalySCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE: Cristina Grazioli, Viviana Raciti, Valentina Valentini

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